About Us

Established in 1999, Weihai Lianqiao International Service Center is the first legal intermediary institute in Shandong and one of the first legal intermediary institutes in China( LU JIAO WAI ZI[2000]No.001). With rich experience for overseas st- udy, Weihai Lianqiao Service Center for Studying Abroad keeps the highest visa- pass rate in Yantai & Weihai region.

Authorized by Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection, it offers Australia E-VISA application service which is a fast, efficient and easy way to obtain Australian visa.

It is a designated test center for Japanese STBJ Test which is a recognized test for students who want to study in Japan.

Overseas Study

Asian Region: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia

European Region: UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France Italy, Malta, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus

Australian Region: Australia, New Zealand

American Region: USA, Canada

Our Advantages

  • Legitimate intermediary institute, to ensure you with real and reliable foreign institutions
  • Senior study consultants, to provide you with objective advice and consultancy
  • Rich visa applying experience, to keep the highest record of visa-pass rate
  • Comprehensive follow-up service, to continue our career guidance and further study assistance
  • Professional applications for elite schools, to help students achieve their dream

Contact Us

  • Japan and Singapore: Tel: 86-631-5680832
  • Korea and Germany:

    Tel: 86-631-5689039

    Email: 851437921@qq.com

  • Australia and New Zealand:

    Tel: 86-631-5689689

    Email: luckyjmj@163.com

  • USA, Canada, UK and other European Countries:

    Tel: 86-631-5680085

    Email: vbtogether@sina.com

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