Foreign Labor Service

LIC was certified by the Ministry of Commerce in Sep. 1997, with approval of labor services and manpower exporting. It became a memberof China Sino-Japan Trainees Coordination Organization in May 1998 and formally joined the National Federation of Fisher ies Cooperatives of South Korea in 2005. During the past ten years, we have sent nearly 10,000 labors to Japan, Singapore, South Korea, involved in various fields,such as machinery, electronics, welding, shaping of plastic models, clothing, aquatic products, food, fishery, agriculture, chef etc. In 2006, LIC was evaluated Trustworthy “AAA” Sino-Japan Labor Service Agent in China. In 200 8, LIC was evaluated National Trustworthy “AAA” Foreign Labor Service Enterprise, and has been awarded as “National Excellent L abor Dispatch Enterprise” for many consecutive years.


JAPAN: 86-631-5689355

SINGAPORE: 86-631-5689607

KOREA: 86-631-5695711

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